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Keep An Eye Out For These 5 Print Industry Trends of 2022

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

The print industry is constantly being exposed to new technology, innovation, and demands. At Harmonic Media, we’ve come to realize the importance of balancing the creative component of the print process with the business side of delivering quality products that result in an impressive ROI for our customers. This means thinking outside the box while maintaining an awareness of what’s going on in the ever-evolving commercial printing industry. And although we prefer to be the trendsetters, these 5 large format print trends are worthy of knowing and even *gasp* following.

1. Printing And Personalization Unite

People have always said content is king, but it looks like in 2022 customization will be taking over the throne. Printing is already a very personalized service, which means custom print companies will be racking their brains (and machines) trying to find ways to make the customer experience more individualized and authentic.

One of the primary ways to accomplish this is by expanding the array of services a company offers such as design and layout, which is something Harmonic Media happens to have in the works. Our design guru, Jace, is super stoked about it. When a print company is able to add more deliverables to its repertoire, it not only makes itself more appealing to potential customers — it fosters enhanced customer relationships. It’s all about turning one-time projects into long-term loyalty.

2. Minimalism In Design For Maximum Impact

For years, print designers have favored complex designs that were created to captivate an audience while conveying as much information as space would allow. It would seem that 2022 has something else in mind. With faces buried in devices, multi-tasking at an all-time high, and attention spans at an all-time low, marketing has begun taking a more simplistic approach.

Plotcut frost vinyl applied to the inside of a Boulder church's entry windows

Print companies are noticing that customers are leaning toward more minimalist designs. Choosing to be clear and concise in their messaging and design. You’re going to see custom print companies like Harmonic refine their craft to consistently make masterpieces. Clean, crisp images that scream high quality and are guaranteed to be highly effective.

3. Printing That Cares About The Planet

Environmental issues have become a main topic of conversation. People are encouraged to make eco-friendly choices in their everyday lives and now, industries are being asked to do the same. Consumers are beginning to put more thought and research into which businesses they support. It is no longer just about the print product or service. It’s about the mission behind the brand.

Consumers are beginning to demand less harmful materials and operations, which has led many large companies to begin spearheading eco-friendly initiatives. From Disney to Nike to Starbucks, businesses are doing their part to positively impact the planet. And the print industry is no exception. Brands that find ways to implement a greener way of doing things are likely to come out ahead in 2022. Plant a tree for every custom print. Invest in more energy-efficient machines. Get back to the basics and refine the recycling process. The little things can make a big difference.

Nikwax Event Booth. Utilizing a eco friendly type of material.
Nikwax Event Booth: Constructed out of Falcon Board. A bio-degradable and recyclable foam board alternative.
4. Taking Printing To A Whole New Dimension

While 3D printing capabilities are not new, they have become more affordable. However, the term “affordable” is subjective and what is within budget for one business may be out of reach for another. That being said, it would be a wise move for print companies to offer 3D printing as an option to their clients in order to capitalize on this newly emerging market in the coming year. Besides, what custom printing company wouldn’t love to explore the possibilities of creating designs in a whole other dimension? Just thinking about it gets our inner printer pulses racing.

In 2020, the Global Commercial Printing Market had a value of $411.99 billion. By the end of 2026, it is estimated to value $472.35 billion.

5. Elevated Print Services In The Cloud

If someone says head's up in the clouds, that’s usually not a good thing. But when it comes to digital transformation, the cloud is where everyone wants to be. For many organizations, it allows for scalability, reduced IT burden, and agility.

Over the course of the next year, more print service providers will begin building upon their cloud expertise. Doing so will enable custom print companies to take advantage of cloud-based print management and document workflow platforms. The print industry leaders of 2022 will be able to set themselves apart from the competition by offering small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large corporations more innovative capabilities.

Don’t just keep up — stay ahead!

As a business owner, staying in the know about your industry is one of the core principles of ensuring success. Be sure to keep an eye on evolving trends and find ways to incorporate them into your thought processes and operations.

As a print consumer, do your homework and find businesses like Harmonic Media, who have a reputation for setting higher standards and exceeding expectations. We are a one-stop-shop for all your custom printing needs in 2022. Get a free project quote today!


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