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Custom printed vehicle wraps in Denver, CO.

Harmonic Media specializes in designing, printing, and installing custom vehicle wraps in Denver. We do everything from smaller spot graphics to distinctive full wraps, and our wraps are custom crafted to withstand Colorado’s unique climate.


At Harmonic Media – our mantra is that we don’t slap and stick! While we do provide some vehicle templates, our specialty is custom-designed templates for unique vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Harmonic Media only uses the best materials, top-of-the-line printers, and Denver’s finest vehicle wrap installation teams. We’re the best in the business!

Is Vehicle Wrap Advertising Worth It?

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America seems to think so. According to them, one car wrap can net between 30,000 and 80,000 impressions per day. So whether your company vehicle is a car, a truck, a hippie bus, or even a bicycle, why are you driving around incognito when you can literally put your brand’s message on the street?

Noting the increased popularity of vehicle wraps and graphics, we see a lot of customers who simply want to add graphics, pinstripes, or full color change-outs to their personal vehicle. The materials available today allow us to alter the look and texture of a vehicle in targeted areas or completely replace the paint!

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