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Make Room For Custom Printing Opportunities At Hotels

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No matter what type of product or service you offer, it is always important to stay informed regarding the latest consumer trends and demands. Harmonic Media makes it a priority to understand the ins and outs of everything related to custom printing. And that includes exploring new growth opportunities. 

Recent research has revealed the hotel and hospitality industry presents untapped potential for brands to utilize wide-format printing in ways that can enhance business. Harmonic is currently working with a handful of local hotels on event branding projects as we continue to see an increased focus on thoughtful design, sustainability, and elevated experiences. 

These components are especially important when a hotel is hosting an event or tradeshow. The right custom printing professionals should be able to help you achieve any and all of the following:

Local Flavor

Travelers appreciate a hotel with details that reflect its location. There are many opportunities for printers to create art and space-specific murals that add a buzz generating local flare.


Wide-format printers are uniquely positioned to offer smaller runs of products. This allows designers the opportunity to customize a hotel or even individual rooms.


People are trying to travel in a more socially responsible way and they want hotels to join in that mission. Local printers with sustainable materials are uniquely positioned to meet these needs.

And as more businesses adopt a hybrid or remote approach, there has been a rise in “workcations.” It’s not uncommon for people to add a few extra days to the front or back end of a trip. In an attempt to meet the needs and wants of this emerging segment, hotels have been adapting their offerings to include social workspaces, post-conference travel packages, dog-friendly accommodations, and more. 

Did you know? 63% of people are more inspired in a busy, social environment when they are working independently.

When it comes to creating inspirational environments, Harmonic Media has a portfolio of proof that we know what we’re doing. Whether it’s a formal meeting room or a multi-functional common space, our large format custom printing services plays a crucial role in fostering creativity, enhancing productivity, encouraging collaboration, and contributing to positive outcomes. Looking to take your hotel (or any business for that matter) to new heights? Let’s talk!


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