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Bacon Social House Murals

Bacon and interior wall graphics ... a match made in heaven.

Bacon Social House is a hip, trendy, and oh-so-good brunch-heavy restaurant with everything a bacon lover needs in life! So when we were approached to bring the creative style and flair to life, all we could think about was the bacon.  


If you’ve stepped foot inside any of the multiple Bacon Social House locations, you were most certainly drawn to the massive, playful interior murals we created to give these restaurants their cool, colorful, animation-styled wall graphics. On top of the wall graphics, the Harmonic Media team did all the interior graphics packages like common areas, seating area walls, restroom door graphics, interior treatments, and window graphics. 


After the successful interior jobs were completed, we didn’t let the fun stop there. Next up was a VW Bus vehicle wrap that had the same animation-styled theme graphics on it. Just follow the smell of bacon and you may find this Bacon Social Club VW bus in the streets of Denver. What started as a small job is now an ongoing, mutually beneficial -- and delicious -- relationship.

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