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South Park Broncos Game

Who knew a design, fabrication, and installation project could be so fun!

Comedy Central called us to place 1,800 South Park character cutouts in one of the most feared sections in all of the National Football League: the South Stands of Mile High. This project was all for the Pandemic Special on the popular, Colorado-based animated comedy series. The characters were designed, fabricated, printed, and installed in the stadium seating at Empower Field Mile High Stadium. Talk about full

services ... our team hand delivered and placed each cartoon character in the appropriate seat for the filming of this pandemic episode, which was a hit nationwide. Due to the NFL not allowing fans in the stands for most of the 2020 season, the cartoon cutouts stayed in the stands for the majority of the season, striking fear in the opposing team each and every time they looked into the stands. 


Although the cutouts have been removed from the stands and replaced with true Broncos fans, the work we did for the South Park and Mile High teams remains one of our funnest, and funniest, projects.

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