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Scary Printing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

It’s that time of year. The leaves are changing colors, the stores are stocked with everything pumpkin flavored, and people are busting out the cozy cardigans and scarves. The Harmonic team happens to love this time of year for all of these reasons and one more — Halloween! It’s one of the greatest holidays seeing as candy, costumes and boo-zy cocktails are all awesome.

And in the spirit of this holiday, we also want to help you avoid some printing mistakes that can be a real nightmare. So before signing off on the final files for your next custom graphics job, please beware of the following…

Bad Grammar Has The Potential To Haunt You

When you are doing a custom printing project of any kind, it is crucial to double (even triple) check your work. Unlike a social media post, you can’t edit or remove your mistake. And although the error may give people a good laugh, it is not a good look for your brand.

Worst Billboard Typo

If you want to be taken seriously and earn the trust of prospective customers, you need to showcase your ability to deliver high quality results — starting with avoiding errors. Boo for making avoidable mistakes.

Frightfully Amateur Design Is Not A Good Sign

Beware Of Wannabe Printing Pros: They Can Be The Devil.At Harmonic Media, we have an experienced and passionate team with a reputation for exceeding expectations. If you’re looking to create an effective custom printing project, it’s important to know that impressive aesthetics and legibility must be part of the equation. No one enjoys coming across a ghastly, overcrowded advertisement. An illegible message due to the wrong color combinations, poor kerning, or blurry resolution is equally as bad. Unlike ghosts, you want your custom printing projects to be seen!

Crossing Over From The Clever Side To The Offensive Side

From day one, we have always been big on creativity. After all, boring is…well, boring! That being said, it is always important to think before printing. A “witty” idea or attempt at being humorous can easily and quickly take a turn for the worse. You must always think of the various ways in which your messaging can be perceived. The goal should always be to get your point across without pissing people off.

Have no fear. Harmonic is here!

All of these scary printing mishaps can easily be avoided if you have the right people on your side. We’ve got all the latest and greatest printing technique tricks and treats for our clients. Let’s get the conversation started about some scary good ideas we can bring to fruition for you!


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