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The What and How of Guerrilla Marketing

At Harmonic Media, we are creativity connoisseurs. In the world of marketing, having the ability to deliver something unexpected AND effective is very desirable. When properly executed, the concept of guerrilla marketing exists in this realm. Always on the lookout for the next innovative, custom printing opportunity, we believe it’s worthwhile to learn more about what this form of alternative media has to offer.

By definition, guerrilla marketing is considered to be inventive, unconventional and low-cost marketing techniques that are designed to gain maximum exposure for a product or brand. Utilizing the element of surprise, it is oftentimes considered to fall under the category of a publicity stunt. The term was popularized by Jay Conrad Levinson’s 1984 book titled, Guerrilla Marketing, which impacted the way businesses viewed the limitations of marketing. It planted the seed for the idea that large profits and audience reach can be achieved with a small budget. In a way, it leveled the playing field a bit between large corporations and the “little guys.”

Peeling Back The Layers Of Guerrilla Marketing

There are numerous marketing tactics that fall under the larger category of guerrilla marketing and we are going to touch upon those that provide an opportunity for a custom printing component. At Harmonic, we offer a wide array of services and are willing to take on any challenge or idea a client throws our way. The more creative. The better. So, as you can imagine, our ambitious attitude aligns well with the concept of guerrilla marketing tactics. When done right, they can prove to be an effective alternative and/or complement to more traditional or online marketing. Here are a few strategies to consider:

Ambient - Places advertisements on unusual locations or places

Wild Posting - Places posters onto the sides of buildings

Pop-Up Retail - Takes advantage of a trend with a temporary shop

Viral - Encourages customers to share a brand message over the Internet

Experiential - Invites the consumer to engage and or interact with the advertisement

No Monkeying Around. Let’s Talk Guerrilla Marketing Benefits.

If you’re wondering whether or not this alternative marketing tactic is right for your brand, consider the benefits that tend to come along with guerrilla marketing done right.

1. Connections And Collaborations. Many guerrilla marketing ideas require the cooperation of more than one party. Often, you will need to coordinate with city officials, fellow retailers and local organizations to successfully bring your creative marketing vision to life. These relationships can turn into mutually beneficial partnerships and a greater connection to the community.

2. Emotional Impact. There’s a saying in the business world: If you win the hearts of consumers, their minds will follow. Emotions are a powerful thing when it comes to the decisions we make in our lives and our purchases are no exception. Guerrilla marketing campaigns have the ability to evoke emotions — laughter, surprise, compassion and inspiration. Bonus: Emotions have been found to generate more word-of-mouth than brands which speak to logic.

3. FREE Publicity. The most successful guerrilla campaigns are ones that have the ability to go viral. When you provide an element of intrigue that makes others want to share the creativity and message of your brand, you will reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness at no extra cost! Organic posts that involve selfies, Tweets and Likes can all add up to profit.

4. Budget-Friendly. Guerrilla marketing campaigns rely more on creativity than cash, which means the potential for Return On Investment (ROI) is much greater. This is awesome for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to get the name of their brand out to the masses. Implementing a strategy that connects the target audience with your product or service will have a domino effect as the consumer carries the message forward via word-of-mouth or social media.

5. Gain Insights. In life, knowledge is power. In the world of business, knowledge is the foundation of building a sustainable and profitable brand. Based on people’s reactions to your guerrilla marketing, you will have a better understanding of how they view your brand. Depending on the results, you may want to build upon their existing feelings or try to find a way to change their perspective. Observing the results of a guerrilla marketing campaign will help you to formulate a strategic plan moving forward.

Guerrilla Marketing At Its Finest

Whether it's indoors or outdoors, guerrilla marketing can leave a lasting impression. Just make sure it’s a good one. Don’t confuse surprising with controversial. It’s okay to have an idea that is creative and thought-provoking, but you want to avoid ruffling any feathers. It’s also important to confirm the idea aligns with your brand positioning and that you have a way to measure your campaign’s results.

Are you going bananas trying to figure out how to make your awesome marketing ideas a reality? Harmonic Media is here to help you concept and creatively execute your next great guerrilla marketing campaign. Give us a call today!


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