Industry Building Graphics

Well-placed vinyl graphics transform a large space into something vibrant!

Interior design products are something that we specialize in here at Harmonic Media. There are many ways to transform a space using vinyl large-format graphic signs, and the products have expanded to adapt to that need. Industry -- a 120,000 square foot, Denver-based shared office space -- houses many unique businesses, restaurants, and retail from large to boutique. This massive space looks amazing, friendly, and inviting on its own. We were asked to assist with the “look” of the space. There were a ton of glass office partitions that needed privacy, the bathrooms needed personality, and the tenants needed signage for their customers to find them. Even the parking garage needed some help to get users to the appropriate areas. Using frosted window film, large format vinyl wallpaper, acrylic signage, and a ton of bright ideas, we were able to collectively transform this massive space with some custom visuals.


When you have a space this large, way-finding graphics become very important. Being experts in getting people from one place to the other, we listened to the needs of the team and created some unique graphic materials and placement that help you get where you are going while giving you some custom graphics on your way there!