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Making Big Moves: Why Businesses Need A Growth Mindset!

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

In case you haven’t heard, Harmonic Media has moved! And we’re finally at the point where we can see the light at the end of all the towers of boxes. As challenging and stressful as it was to pack up all of our things, settling into our new space has been a really satisfying experience. Now we are the proud owners of a collection of shiny and new, top-of-the-line machines! And we have the extra space to create more large-scale printing projects in-house, allowing us to flex our marketing muscles.

Our processes will be more streamlined. Our timelines will be more impressive. Our capabilities will be more robust. And one more thing…drumroll please…we are expanding our graphic design team! If you think we’ve made our clients look good in the past, just wait until you see the bragging rights that come with the projects we create in the years to come. Getting to where we are today is the result of big dreams, patience, grit, determination, and an immense amount of passion. The journey involved its fair share of challenges but Harmonic Media refused to let it deter us. To quote Tom Hanks, “The hard is what makes it great.”

The Good ‘Ol Risk And Reward Relationship

Don’t let fear get in the way of achieving greatness. Going out of your comfort zone is an important part of life — both personally and professionally. The most successful businesses are able to see the untapped potential and take the necessary leap of faith in order to capitalize on the possibilities. Having visions and goals for your brand is just the first step. You need to create a plan of action and own your aspirations. It’s the difference between wearing a kitschy tux t-shirt and an actual tuxedo. Don’t be caught wearing a wannabe tuxedo.

Employees at companies with growth mindsets are 34 percent more likely to feel a strong sense of commitment to the organization.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Oh, The Places You’ll Grow!

Having a growth mindset is an essential part of achieving success as a business. The term “growth mindset” was originally coined by Carol Dweck, a psychologist, professor, and researcher at Stanford University, in her 2006 book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. When a person believes they are not limited by their inherent traits or abilities and embrace the ability to learn and improve, they are more likely to succeed. Maintaining a true growth mindset involves:

  • Welcoming challenges

  • Accepting negative feedback

  • Being adaptable

Encouraging a growth mindset as a part of the workplace culture can be a real game-changer. Studies have shown it can increase trust, improve morale, and lead to more innovation. Predictability and playing it safe work for some people but at Harmonic, we prefer to break through the confines of the infamous box. To make our own rules and do not be afraid to break those either. If you view everything as a learning opportunity, you’ll inevitably become more business savvy and more easily maintain an optimistic attitude. That’s great news, right?

For those who have big goals in mind, Harmonic Media is here to help you see them through. If good things come to those who wait, we believe greater things come to those who go out and grab what they want. Start the conversation with us today to begin discussing the ways we can help your business grow.


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