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It’s What’s On The Outside That Counts

We’ve all been taught to value what’s on the inside. And while that may prove both valid and worthwhile advice when it comes to people, a brick-and-mortar business has its own set of rules. If you had to make a list of ways to attract new customers, what would it include? Probably things like exceptional customer service, a strong brand identity, high quality products and trusted services. Those things are all important but what you may not know is that curb appeal deserves a spot on that list as well.

According to a survey, 95 percent of consumers said external appearance influenced their decisions about where to shop.

SOURCE: Morpace Omnibus Survey/Retail Customer Experience

In order to turn a potential customer into a loyal supporter of your brand, you need to get them in the door. And the exterior of your storefront or commercial building plays a lead role in making that happen. It just so happens that at Harmonic Media, we happen to know a thing or two hundred about helping other businesses look good on the outside.To us, it’s more than just an exterior — it’s a blank canvas with unlimited marketing potential!

You Only Get One First Impression

When a consumer comes across your place of business for the first time, you want to make a positive, lasting impression. A thought-provoking mural or eye-catching exterior print can be a powerful branding tool that helps boost brand recognition while setting the foundation for that initial attraction. From logos to taglines to iconic symbols, a building’s exterior serves as a blank canvas for marketing and promoting your brand. It’s all about making your business more memorable, approachable, and easier to find.

Additionally, a well-maintained exterior is a sign that you care about your business, your customers and the experience you are providing. A business that pays attention to the details and takes care of things on the outside leads people to assume you put the same amount of time and energy into whatever it is you're selling. That, my friend, is how you begin building rapport.

Set The Scene (and The Expectations)

In the world of marketing and advertising, it is common practice to incorporate color psychology. Some companies significantly invest in this type of research. Although we do not claim to be experts in this field, we do acknowledge that color has the ability to impact and/or evoke certain emotions in each viewer differently.

60 percent of businesses increased their sales by an average of 10 percent after installing new large-scale pictures and wall murals around their buildings.

SOURCE: The Sign Research Foundation

Whether it’s a bakery looking to make people hungry, a therapy clinic aiming to instill a sense of healing, a law office attempting to encourage trust or a floral shop wanting to connect with thoughts of love and sustainability. In all these instances, color and choice of imagery can help form a connection between certain brands and certain feelings.

For instance, the Denver Biscuit Company (one of our most deliciously awesome clients) called upon Harmonic to help produce exterior graphics for their newest location in Centennial, CO. These graphics help give off a fun and flavor-filled vibe to passersby, potential customers, and current biscuit lovers waiting in the drive-thru. And just like their warm, freshly baked dough, our team rose to the occasion to help out.

Curb Appeal Attracts New Business

The moral of the story or in this case, the blog, is that the color and design choice for the exterior of your business is important. People who see your building from the outside inevitably form opinions about your brand along with the services or products you are selling. So choose wisely. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to reach out to our team to discuss all the strategic and creatively brilliant ideas that are possible.

So don’t be shy! Get the conversation started and tell us more about your ideas and the specific project(s) you have in mind.


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