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How Long Do Vehicle Wraps Last?

Vehicle wrap advertising can be an affordable and effective way to get your business's name on the streets - literally! Many businesses choose to wrap a vehicle temporarily for a season or promotional event, while others are looking for a more permanent solution.

With proper care, a vehicle wrap should last an average of 3 - 5 years. they are designed to withstand a variety of temperatures, climates, and weather patterns; and should hold up well with proper maintenance and under normal driving conditions.

If you're considering a vehicle wrap as a long-term investment but aren't sure whether it will stay on long enough to justify the cost, here are a few things to consider.

What Affects The Life of A Vehicle Wrap

Direct Sunlight

The sun can be devastating to your vehicle wrap. Of course, it's perfectly fine to drive around town on a sunny day - that's the whole point of having a car wrap in the first place! But constant exposure to direct sunlight, especially in a state like Colorado, can lead t fading, cracking, and chipping.

Poor Exterior Maintenance

Vehicle wraps provide protection to your vehicle’s body in a few ways, but they aren’t a substitute for regular washing. Without regular cleaning dirt, debris, and precipitation can seep into the seams of the wrap and cause warping or discoloration.

Driving Like A Bat Out Of Hell

Parking lot dings, road debris, and even a small-scale hail storm are all part of normal wear and tear and your vehicle wrap is likely to hold up, and even protect your vehicle. BUT – driving around like you just joined the cast of The Fast and the Furious is a bad idea altogether. Your wrap won’t survive, and neither will you. Safety first, people!

How To Make Your Car Wrap Last Longer

Love your car wrap, and it will love you back - plain and simple!

Park In A Covered Area

Whether it’s a garage, a carport, a car cover, or even under a tarp – when you aren’t driving, protect your vehicle from the elements whenever possible.

Wash Your Vehicle Regularly

It doesn’t matter if you hand wash or drive through the car wash – just make sure you’re cleaning your car. If possible, we recommend that insect stains, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. are spot cleaned as soon as humanly possible.

We often get asked about waxing and special soap for wraps. While specialty soaps do exist, we don’t believe they are necessary. We do encourage waxing, however, as it can help extend the life of your wrap. The only thing we do caution against is using a power washer, as the velocity of the water stream can force the vinyl panels to peel apart.

Replace Panels Quickly

Vehicles wraps are not one huge piece of vinyl, they’re actually strips of vinyl placed so carefully, they create the illusion of being one unit. If you notice a section of your vehicle wrap peeling, cracking, or just looking bad – bring your car in. That one panel can and should be replaced, which can prevent you from having to replace other panels as well.

Wrapping your vehicle can help make your business stand out, serve as a paint substitute or give an older vehicle a makeover! Harmonic Media has vehicle wrap solutions for almost any make, model, or age of the vehicle – from fleets to trucks, motorcycles to tractor-trailers.

Contact us today for more information on whether your vehicle is a good candidate for a vehicle wrap!


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