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Red Robin Cruise

Decorate a cruise ship?! We were up for the challenge.

When Colorado-based restaurant franchise Red Robin decided to throw a leadership summit on a cruise ship, you better believe we at Harmonic Media were all in! We were contracted by a local event design and production company to come up with some amazing ideas and materials that we could use to deck out the ship and make it appear as if it was an exclusive Red Robin party boat. This project presented a lot of hurdles to overcome and some huge firsts, starting with the fact that we were in charge of decorating a cruise ship!


The first task was to collaborate with their design and production team to get a feel for the expectations of their client. Once the groundwork was laid, we got busy brainstorming on how we could exceed the expectation. There were several components to this project; the photos gallery will show how we drained the pools to lay specialty adhesive vinyl graphics to the bottom before filling it back up. They will show the massive dye-sub fabric graphics that covered the speaker towers on the deck. The grand entrance staircase got some vinyl treatment also, creating a graphic for each step that made a stair mural when you were at the proper viewing distance. The largest and most difficult piece to this was the massive 40-foot graphic that covered the wings on each side of the ship. Definitely the most adventurous installation to date.

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