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High Costs Bus Activation

Sometimes a visual display is stronger than words!

We love our partnership with the City of Denver and all the projects we are able to be a part of that impact our great city. So when the City of Denver was ready to launch a campaign about the effects of a marijuana charge and implications of a driver-impaired citation, we were happy to provide our graphics consultation services. 


This specific campaign was aimed at enlightening college students on the consequences of getting a DUI from marijuana. We produced custom graphics for a vehicle wrap to change the school bus from yellow to green and fit text graphics on the side of the bus so it was like a mobile billboard. On top of the vehicle wrap, we customized window graphics on the inside of the windows to make it look like real footballs had filled the bus entirely, which saved the City of Denver a large chunk of their budget that they had reserved for thousands of real footballs. Outside the bus, we fabricated experiential marketing for a football toss to see who had what it takes to be our next John Elway.

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